Adidas Zone Dox Hockey Shoes

  • Adidas Zone Dox Hockey Shoes

Adidas Zone Dox Hockey Shoes


These men's hockey shoes are lightweight and sleek, so you can move with nimble precision. The SPRINTFRAME gives you stability and support so you can act on split-second decisions. 3-tone mesh with foil overlay to build a modern knitted look while providing a robust upper to withstand the forces on the hockey field. Synthetic panel on both medial and lateral side to provide utmost stability during cutting edge movements.


- SPRINTFRAME outsole provides rock solid stability at high speeds.
- The TPU toe cap provides extra protection against impacts from the ball.

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Blue/YellowUK 4£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 4.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 5.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 6£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 6.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 7£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 7.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 8£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 8.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 9£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 9.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 10£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 10.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 11£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 11.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 12£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 12.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 13£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 13.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Blue/YellowUK 14£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 4£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 4.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 5.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 6£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 6.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 7£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 7.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 8£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 8.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 9£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 9.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 10£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 10.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 11£79.96
Red/BlueUK 11.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 12£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 12.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 13£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 13.5£79.96SOLD OUT
Red/BlueUK 14£79.96SOLD OUT

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